As of yet, I think this is my favorite #wardub entry yet.  Give it a listen, and some love for Flava D.

Riddim Commission - Battle feat. Newham Generals

New mix from me with a free download!


  1. Münpauzn - Mind Your Own
  2. M.I.A. - BOYZ
  4. Dark Sky - Be Myself
  5. Kiev - Yucca (Imaabs Remix)
  6. Calvin Harris - Sweet Nothing (Pyramid Scheme’s Drag Edit)
  7. King Plague - K 2A5 C _@5_

Münpauzn - Likliklik

Free download here

From Visionist’s ‘Lost Codes’ label, here is Sd Laika - 36

Free download here

Trim - Iam (Anex Reshuffle)

Great remix by Nguzunguzu :)

Vaghe Stelle - Video Game Paraphernalia 

VVV - New Wires

Heathered Pearls - Beach Shelter (Sun Glitters Remix)

Kate Wax - Green Machine

Gutter Cats - Forest

Great new track and video from Gutter Cats.  Check out their two other new songs here :)


45th Minute - Adjective

I’m about to buy this :) soo good

Shigeto - Detroit Part 1

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